Front Office Staff

Business Operations Staff
Rick Fuson

President/COO – Pacers Sports and Entertainment

Tim Bawmann


(260) 222-7961

Bryan Stine

Senior VP of Sales Operations

(260) 222-7946

Julie Rumschlag


(260) 222-7953

Allie Lane

Business Development Manager

(260) 222-7949

Quila Jackson

Account Representative

(260) 222-7945

Ron Howard

Community Development Manager
Ryan Stevens

Public Relations Manager

(260) 222-7958

Allison Link

Account Executive

(260) 222-7944

Brent O’Bold

Account Executive

(260) 222-7950

Jarrell Hunter

Account Executive

(260) 222-7969

Matt Gassen

Account Executive

(260) 222-7966

 Basketball Operations Staff
Brian Levy

General Manager

(260) 222-7948

Steve Gansey

Head Coach

(260) 222-7957

Norman Richardson

Assistant Coach
Chris Taylor

Director of Basketball Operations
Ben Resner

Video Coordinator
Jason Manikowski

Strength and Conditioning Coach
Collin Brown

Head Physical Therapist/Athletic Trainer
Daniel Rosselli

Athletic Trainer